Colour, as experience, inhabits Space, Form and Life itself. 

The power and potential of such an expressive means is capable of engaging and interweave these meanings more deeply, sinceby its very nature is capable of creating connections and relationships.
“Colour As Experience” was born in 2011, merely as a container for photographs (a sort of “photobank”let's say), after the work of dissemination and sharing had and has been effected on social networks. 
The urge to have our own distinctive space in the world Web came after the constant bans from FB against our directors and even shutting down of ourFBspace/page itself for several months. Brutally censored, for publishing masterpieces and works of famous artists - such as Nan Goldin, Bern Stern, or even a cover of TIME magazine!. 
The work done by the staff of the page was and has been based on years in search of material on the web, collecting hundreds of thousands of photographs. We have always shared our passion for Art and Beauty and,our intention is to still continue to offer the high quality photographic work of great authors/creators,  to offer the broader public the ability to share or download photos, to suggest updates or to recommend to us any corrections.
Our main goal is (and firmly remains so) to create a large container where, in addition to presentantion of the great masters and new emerging authors/creators, there will be promoted other content as well, in the magazine section of the site. 
We would like to be able to do this together with all of you, so as to become in the near future a common bulletin board, where to share art, beauty, proposals your proposals and creative interactive dialogue.
And if colour is an experience of liberation of the senses and of feeling free, we think proper NOWis the crucial time to open up new horizons, to ensure plurality of expression and contributions from various sources. It's high time we had our say.
Welcome to our common house. Here no one is a stranger.

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